Killer Whale

minke_breach_2 by mjtetley

In 2013, the OSHA fined  SeaWorld $38,500 for continuing close contact with these animals during their performances.  Sure they added bars to “help” but is that really going to stop a 5 ton animal from pulling you over?   This is dangerous and not worth it.

Heaviside’s dolphin by LPJC on Flickr.


Northern Isles Orca


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Orcas, Antarctica (by bfryxell)


Katina and Kalina by Shamufan88 on Flickr.

This is actually kind of cool

This is a sad still from a video I took today at the mirage in Vegas.

This dolphin was going back and forward biting the gate and concrete that separates the two pools in the secret garden. I asked one of the “Educators” why is he doing this? She replied “He likes the sound of his teeth rubbing against the concrete and metal, maybe the taste too!!The woman called the “educator” had only been in the job 2 weeks and she said “in the wild, they don’t have the benefits we provide for these animals like hoops and balls!!!!I will tell them how i feel when i leave this god forsaken place…. until then, i will let them play the dickhead in the show because they are really good at it!
-Martyn Stewart

Here is the video for anyone wondering:



people who still don’t change their minds when clear reason and evidence is presented to them are what infuriate me the most

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Whale shark suprise - v2 by ksso Whale shark popping out of cavitation bubbles trail - he was surprised to find me on his way and ducked to avoid me !

slightly enhanced version

Dance Step by Freeezzzz | Makxveli


Beautiful painting of Tilly and Trua! 😍💙

Wow. That’s gorgeous,




Footage of Orca and Dolphin Being Caught from the Wild

"They will never see their family or the ocean again.  The situation for killer whales is little different and has for decades involved to a great extent, the largest, wealthiest, and most politically powerful of all marine parks, SeaWorld Incorporated"

You should watch this if you haven’t seen it.  Very interesting.  And as usual, go fuck yourself, SeaWorld.

I fucking hate them i fucking hate them i fucking hate them i fucking hate them i fucking HATE THEM. SEAWORLD IS NUMBER ONE ON MY FUCKING SHIT LIST.

I don’t care who you are you need to watch this to understand. SEAWORLD DROPPED FUCKING BOMBS TO CATCH WHALES. IT WAS ILLEGAL.

SeaWorld single handedly rendered the entire local orcas endangered, taking a whole generation gap. These pods are fractured because of what SeaWorld has done. Many orcas died in these captures, four of which were found with weights in them, their bellies slit open to sink them. lord only knows how many we never found. SeaWorld was behind that, too.  Watch this video, if only to educate yourself- it isn’t very long, only about six minutes.

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